WinRAR Update Fixes the Windows 11 Context Menu

WinRAR Update Fixes the Windows 11 Context Menu

Windows 11 brought lots of changes, including an updated context menu that many are still having a hard time getting used to.

This is because Microsoft has designed the context menu to align with the overall look of Windows 11 with rounded corners and everything, but at the same time, the main menu that you see after right-clicking anywhere only shows you the most essential options.

Everything else is grouped under a “Show more options” entry, so it goes without saying that finding some commands is much harder than it was in Windows 10.

If you work with archives on a regular basis, you probably noticed that all these options have been moved under the new “Show more options” category too.

Including the ones for WinRAR, that is, so the good guys working on the app (and you know what these are the most awesome people on the planet) have decided to fix it.

New WinRAR category in the context menu

The latest beta update for WinRAR, namely version 6.1… (read more)
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