WhatsApp Stops Working on Old Android Versions

WhatsApp Stops Working on Old Android Versions

WhatsApp is already the world’s most popular messaging application, but from time to time, the Facebook-owned company has no other option than to just drop the support for older operating systems as it introduces new capabilities.

In other words, without giving up on certain old versions of the mobile operating system it supports, WhatsApp wouldn’t be able to get new features, especially as the technology it relies on is exclusively available in the latest releases.

And November 1 brought such a change, with WhatsApp dropping support for Android OS 4 and earlier. What this means is that your phone must be running at least Android 4.1, though it goes without saying you should actually be on a much newer version of the operating system.

Just update already

Furthermore, WhatsApp says these Android devices should be able to receive an SMS or calls to complete the verification process.

“We offer limited support for Android tablets with an active SIM … (read more)
Source: Softpedia News

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