Tinytopia Review (PC)

Tinytopia Review (PC)

My version of San Francisco is clearly more crowded than the real world one, but I like efficient cities and the citizens in this virtual city do not get to vote me out of office. I also spoil them with the biggest and most capable versions of the fire department, hospital, and police station. They can also enjoy the sight of important landmarks, like Alcatraz and a slightly tilted Coit Tower. I need to crowd in a few more Victorian houses to achieve my secondary objective and then I will plop down another big building to finish the level. For my next trick, I need to build a community on a vinyl player.

Tinytopia was put together by MeNic Games and published by Mastiff. I played the experience on the PC using Steam. The title takes the core ideas of city-building and emphasizes the puzzle elements, with a focus on accessibility, aiming to make the genre accessible to a wider audience.

As is to be expected for the genre the narrative is pretty light. Gamers become … (read more)
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