The Time Has Come: Windows 11 to Launch This Week

The Time Has Come: Windows 11 to Launch This Week

It’s been a long wait for some, but the time has finally come: Windows 11 will start rolling out to the first devices as soon as this week, therefore giving users who aren’t part of the Windows Insider program the chance to see what’s new in this highly anticipated operating system.

Windows 11 is a massive overhaul of the modern Windows experience, and without a doubt, the first thing you’ll notice after logging in to the desktop for the first time will be the new taskbar and the Start menu.

Just don’t freak out, though, as they’re both borrowed from Windows 10X, the dual-screen operating system that never came to be but which eventually served as a donor for Windows 11.

The taskbar icons are centered in Windows 11, and the Start menu gives up on the live tiles, going for a more static approach that makes a lot more sense going forward.

The rollout starts tomorrow

“From the new Start button and taskbar to each sound, font and icon, everything wa… (read more)
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