The Medium Review (PS5)

The Medium Review (PS5)

Lately there is no lack of horror titles, since this genre seems have become a favourite among publishers. From action to adventure to survival, the scary experiences come in every flavour and size and gamers can’t seem to have enough of them. The polish developers from Bloober Team have a proven track record, but The Medium is their most ambitious project so far. Can it leave up to the legacy of Layers of Fear?

The history of one of the most iconic horror games of the last years was a rocky one, but it set the bar so high the Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch had a hard time to stand up to it. The Medium set out to become a new staple of the genre, a very tall order looking at what this year has already brought us. It is not a flawless experience, but as you might have already heard (or read) it is still one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

We can say from the get-go The Medium is a good horror game. It is a thrilling experience that starts of s… (read more)
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