The Legend of Tianding Review (PC)

The Legend of Tianding Review (PC)

The most important moment of any fight is the one when the hero decides which weapon to steal and use. A slow and heavy ax or a pistol? Should I try to get the shield or is it alright to settle for the first baton that the sash throws into my hands? Once I have a weapon it gets easier to deal with groups of opponents and to isolate the more powerful ones. And it’s actually funny to see the Japanese killed by their own katanas or struck by their rockets.

The Legend of Tianding was put together by Creative Games & Computer Graphics Corporation and published by Neon Doctrine. I played it on the PC using Steam and it is also available on the Nintendo Switch. It mixes side scrolling action with a unique historical setting.

The story is focused on Liao Tianding, a Robin Hood-like character from the history of Taiwan. He was an outlaw, active when the island was under the occupation of the Japanese and gained renown for taking on the police forces of the occupiers and for… (read more)
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