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E-commerce and Online Shopping in Cambodia

Online Shopping – A Modern Day Practice E-commerce and Online Shopping in Cambodia Online shopping has become very popular in the last few years with the advent of numerous online shopping portals in Cambodia. There are significant problems associated with physical retail stores such as the almost never-ending traffic congestions on roads and people thronging super markets to get their monthly shopping done. Thanks to E-commerce, we can bid goodbye to all our physical shopping woes! This can be attributed to the many benefits E-commerce offers to both buyers and sellers. From expedience to ease of delivery and product information which is put up (by sellers) and is available on the mere push of a button, there is so much that E-commerce has in store for us. Several E-commerce giants like Kaymu, Shop 168 and Glad Market have contributed to the growing credibility of secure online payment gateways. Despite all of the above, the trust placed in online ventures is still pretty low. This is because there are still many people out there who are reluctant to make payments via their debit/ credit cards or through online transfers. However, the growth in the number of card users is very convincing. According to this article, the number of people using cards has grown by around 25% over the seven year period from 2008 to 2015.

Driving Forces behind the Growth of E-commerce in Cambodia

E-commerce and Online Shopping in Cambodia 1 Several factors have contributed to the evolution and rapid growth of E-commerce in Cambodia, the biggest including rising internet penetration rate and the prevalence of cheaper and seamless internet connectivity options. With the internet becoming more and more widespread, mobile phones have come to assume the status of necessities. Together, these two factors have allowed many online businesses to rise to the surface and project themselves as promising E-commerce players at the forefront of Cambodia’s E-commerce. With untapped potential from Cambodia’s E-commerce market, businesses must adopt novel and distinctive ways of marketing themselves so that they are able to break through the clutter of online ventures and marketplaces and create an indelible impact. The primary focus must be on building a powerful website with clearly defined product categories and sub categories and high resolution images as well as accompanying product descriptions. With the introduction of compatible mobile apps that let buyers shop online (important from a mobility point of view), it is not long before shopping from brick-and-mortar stores would be a thing of the past. Working on SEO is imperative for any online business to gain visibility to begin with, and it must hire an SEO expert to that effect. All in all, the potential of online shopping in Cambodia is very bright and we have so many factors to thank that for.