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Get Super High Rankings on Google with Mobile-Friendly Websites

Get Super High Rankings on Google with Mobile-Friendly Websites

Ready or not, Google’s latest algorithm update (Mobilegeddon) is out. According to Google, this update will significantly affect your mobile search results as well as rankings. As far as how significant? Google hasn’t mentioned it, but our estimate is that up to 81% of websites could be affected by now. So, how will it affect you? If half of your clients or web traffic comes from a mobile device which requires responsive design, then, owing to this new update, you are likely to lose 50% of those web leads if you don’t have a mobile responsive website. You could lose a large percentage of that business overnight, if you don’t act on this soon. Build a mobile responsive website to see a good boost in your rankings. Capitalize on this update and get ready to be rewarded with more and more leads. Khmer CMS’s real estate mobile websites already pass Google's new update: Mobile responsive on any device, any size Mobile responsive home search Mobile responsive layouts Pre-written articles If your website isn’t mobile responsive yet, this update by Google indirectly makes sure it is, unless you wish to lose traffic from your website.

Which Hosting To Go??

Hello all today Khmer CMS will show you some tips about how to choose to web hosting that suitable to your website. And which is the best company for you to host your site. There are too many web hosting companies around the world now. Those company include free hosting and paid hosting, but the best way you should use the paid one, because the free hosting some time make your site down and have a lot ads on and no supporting.

Why we should use paid hosting?

Paid hosting has a lot of advantages over the free hosting. Firstly you will get more useful features with paid hosting. You will get better support available when you need, most of companies they support 24/7 that make you easy to solve problem on your services. We can say that paid hosting will have much faster speed for your site than free hosting. The important thing is that paid hosting you won’t have to display a ads banner on each page from the hosting company. For today the hosting packages just start from around $2.99 per month and this price there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with paid hosting. The second simple way is to concern that which operating system that you want to use on your website. Now day we have two offering operating system Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. In general now most of the people they use Linux Hosting, because most of them use open source CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS technologies for your businesses. For Windows Hosting use for those who is running their programming with Microsoft technologies like ASP.Net, C++, C# and other. But this time Khmer CMS should recommend you to use Linux Hosting for your business, because Linux Hosting provide you a lot free script and CMS technologies and you have a lot of tool to take care on your site. Linux Server run faster and more secure than Windows Server. To consider when choosing is the list of feature that hosting offer is the final thing. Today really easy for those who want to find the hosting and the price really competing. They really provide more feature on their packages. As you is not a programmer then please find the hosting that have a free site builder tools and offer as a free domain names. You need to compare with a number of hosting to see what the is the differences feature that they offer with their plans. The technical to consider are:
  1. The amount of disk space available to your site
  2. How much monthly of bandwidth you need
  3. Number of email account
  4. Free customer support 24/7
  5. Free cms tools and other…
Also check if they have additional services that they include in their plans for examples like daily data backup, PHP programming support, as this is a quickly becoming a best web programming language for web programmers. In conclusion you choose paid hosting and a hosting with Linux Hosting and compare the packages befor you buy.

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