Surface Go 3 Launches with an Intel i3 Processor

Surface Go 3 Launches with an Intel i3 Processor

Microsoft’s Surface lineup is all about high-end devices, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they all have to be super-expensive.

And the Surface Go has always been the living proof in this regard, as this smaller computer sports the high-quality build of the Surface brand but all in a cheaper form factor, therefore becoming just the perfect choice for students and teachers.

And today, the Surface Go 3 is official with a new processor that brings more extra power, as the device now comes with an Intel i3 chip.

Microsoft says this makes the Surface Go some 60 percent faster, and this is obviously good news, especially in the case of users who don’t want to stick with the S mode but want the full Windows experience.

Microsoft explains the Surface Go 3 is fully prepared for Windows 11, so it will come with the new operating system pre-loaded.

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