Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review (PS5)

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review (PS5)

The newest Sherlock Holmes games is not a simple prequel, but a breath of fresh air that the series needed so badly. Although risky, going back to the first cases of the most brilliant detective in the world, long before Baker Street and Doctor Watson, is exactly what makes relevant this 20-year-old franchise.

Along the years the developers from Frogwares released no less than eight games, with various success. Chapter One is an origin story that cuts all the safety nets and presents, a younger, more dynamic and much edgier Sherlock, that is refreshing amidst all the stroll through the Victorian age. The biggest gamble is the gameplay though, Chapter One being an open world that lets go of the players hand and encourages free exploration.

The stories of the Sherlock Holmes developed by Frogware have always been independent from the legendary work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This time the leap is even bigger compared to the source material, since we have to deal… (read more)
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