Samsung S Pen Pro Review

Samsung S Pen Pro Review

Pen input has been one of the signature features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup for many years already, but on the other hand, more and more companies embraced this little accessory and invested heavily in its development.

Microsoft and Apple are two of the biggest names, like the Surface Pen and the Apple Pencil both came with substantial improvements as part of every single refresh, eventually further refining the sensitivity and making the experience overall more polished.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung abandoned the battle. Not at all. While Microsoft and Apple focused on pen input for laptops and tablets, the South Korean phone maker tried to focus on pretty much every single front out there.

So right now, the company has not one, not two, not three, but five different pens on the market, and needless to say, they all provide a similar experience. The Galaxy Note S pen and the Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen are pretty similar, but on the other hand, the … (read more)
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