Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Review

If it wasn’t already obvious, the future is pretty much here, and Samsung, not you know who, is the most important name making it happen.

The company’s big bet on foldable devices has turned Samsung into the leading brand whenever it comes to this form factor, and the recently released Galaxy Z Fold3 proves exactly why.

Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with an approach that sounded impossible a few years ago: it has a screen that folds, allowing you to use it either as a phone, as a tablet, and of course, as both of them depending on what you do.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with a 6.2-inch display which when unfolded gives birth to a massive tablet-like 7.6-inch screen. If you’ve never used such a device before, folding and unfolding the phone feels unbelievable, and it’s impressive just how far the world of technology has managed to go.

And needless to say, to make the whole thing happen, the Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with an arsenal of systems. The m… (read more)
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