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ConnectMC Group

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We started in August 2014 from a business trip to Delhi and connected flight in Bangkok. Actually, the trip was to look after trading commodity from Cambodia to Gujarat, Delhi and Mumbai of India, where we had to connect flight in Bangkok since there was no direct flight back then. An idea came in why not exit to Bangkok City to buy some stuff back home.

There! the excitement arose when nice cloth, jewelry, bag and shoes were in front of us with very good price comparing to close-to-same products’ price sold in Cambodia. With this reason, we bought as many as we want till people over there thought we were running Cambodia Fashion Shop on fashion business(1).

When back home, most relatives came in queue awaiting for their gifts. Because their demands were more than our supplies in term of eco, some even suggested us to put the gifts on auction(2). Chanting was brought by them in Khmer Language and here we tried to group them as: ‘I auction what I set’ shouted a group; ‘I have to get what I see right now’ said another group; and some chanted ‘please free what you can’.

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