Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Is Ready for Windows 11

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Is Ready for Windows 11

Microsoft has officially unveiled a small refresh of the Surface Pro X, getting the device ready for Windows 11, the new operating system projected to launch next month.

There are two big changes on the upgraded Surface Pro X.

First and foremost, it’s fully optimized and comes with 64-bit emulation, therefore making it easier to run your favorite apps on the device. This is good news especially because it helps deal with the lack of apps that would otherwise impact an ARM device.

And second of all, the Surface Pro X now comes with a Wi-Fi only version that Microsoft offers without LTE and which is available at a lower price point, therefore making the device overall more affordable, with Microsoft hoping it could be able to target a wider audience.

Windows 11 pre-installed

“A year ago, we announced the thin, light, and LTE-connected Surface Pro X, running on our Microsoft SQ2 ARM silicon. This product merged the versatility features of Surface P… (read more)
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