Microsoft Launches a New Windows 11 Media Player

Microsoft Launches a New Windows 11 Media Player

Microsoft has released a preview of a new Media Player specifically built for Windows 11, as the company wants to offer an updated experience on the new operating system.

The new Media Player obviously aligns with Windows 11 in terms of look, so it features a more modern UI, though the main focus has clearly been on the feature lineup.

So while the new Media Player looks pretty good, it also comes with plenty of great features, which is definitely good news since it replaces Groove Music and is a successor to the famous legacy Media Player.

Worth knowing is that all your content from Groove Music is being migrated automatically to the new Media Player, so the transition will be as straightforward as possible.

“Media Player includes full support for browsing, managing, and watching your local video collection too! All your content in the music and video folders on your PC will appear automatically in your library, but you can also tell Media Player where to look f… (read more)
Source: Softpedia News

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