Lost Judgment Review (PS5)

Lost Judgment Review (PS5)

Judgment was a pleasant surprise from Sega, and it proved to be worthy to carry on the torch of the Yakuza series. following the same recipe with different spices the adventures of Yagami Takayuki were both memorable and relatable, the pace of the story making it very hard to put it down. The lawyer turned private detective is back with a new adventure to show what else he got ups his sleeve.

After the changes made by the latest instalment, Like a Dragon, it was clear that the fans of the original Yakuza games will migrate towards Judgment. The first game hit the mark from every point of view and offered an experience that could rival any Yakuza game. The sequel promises more of the same, trying to keep the fans well fed and satisfied. That means that the changes are minimal and if you already have had enough of the Yakuza type approach you will be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you like this genre, Lost Judgment will be right up your alley. The developers put… (read more)
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