Life is Strange: True Colors Review (PS5)

Life is Strange: True Colors Review (PS5)

The success of Life is Strange franchise is a testimonial that a good story is often more important than graphics or innovative gameplay. The biggest secret of the games released so far is the emotional connection it manages to establish with the players. Does True Colors manage to spark the same reaction or is it just a forgettable gamified visual novel?

Before the Storm is one of the most emotional experiences I have ever had. Developed by the very same studio, True Colors walks away from the political and social statement that was Life is Strange 2 but builds on the unshakable bond that links two siblings. It is unmistakably a Life is Strange game, that does not innovate, does not bring anything new, but puts you through an emotional journey with characters that you will feel connected to.

All the main episodes of the franchise present a new supernatural power. We had time travel, telekinesis and now you have extreme empathy. Alex, our new protagonist may not sa… (read more)
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