iPhone XR Replaces iPhone 8 as Apple’s Loaner Device

iPhone XR Replaces iPhone 8 as Apple’s Loaner Device

Apple customers whose iPhones require lengthier repairs performed by Authorized Service Providers are typically provided with a loaner device, so they’re not left without a smartphone until their unit is back up and running.

Until now, Apple’s loaner device was the old-school iPhone 8, though it goes without saying, not everybody was very pleased with this choice.

So for example, if you had to repair your iPhone 12 at the Apple Store, you were provided with an iPhone 8 while your smartphone was being serviced. Of course, this means you lost not only the larger screen, but also features like Face ID and the better camera.

Apple knows the iPhone 8 was kind of old to offer as a loaner device, so the company has recently updated this program to provide customers with an iPhone XR.

An internal memo obtained by MacRumors reveals that the iPhone XR will replace the iPhone 8 at … (read more)
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