iPhone 14 Could Include a 2TB Version

iPhone 14 Could Include a 2TB Version

The new iPhone 13 announced only a few weeks ago comes with a 1TB storage version for the Pro and Pro Max models, but as it turns out, the Cupertino-based tech giant wouldn’t stop here.

This is according to a recent report suggesting that the iPhone 14 lineup will push the maximum storage on the iPhone to no less than 2TB, so Apple once again could end up doubling the storage offered to customers.

However, this is highly unlikely, as few phones out there currently come with 2TB of storage, and such an upgrade would make the iPhone even more expensive.

The iPhone 14 lineup

People familiar with the matter have previously suggested that Apple was indeed planning a storage upgrade for the 2022 iPhone generation, but on the other hand, there was no hint that a 2TB version was indeed planned.

At some level, such an upgrade does make sense given users need more and more storage for the content t… (read more)
Source: Softpedia News

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