Inscryption Review (PC)

Inscryption Review (PC)

I drop a wolf cub on an open lane. A squirrel is ready to absorb damage nearby. I also have a tree stump that will protect me from attacks. The problem is that I draw blood-based creatures but have limited supplies of it. I have plenty of bones, but my draw does not offer me a coyote that I could really use. It might be time to think of whether I can use a cheat to get ahead or if I might lose one of my lives in this battle. Either way, I might be unable to actually get to the boss and it might be a good idea to start thinking about what kind of death card I want.

Inscryption is the work of Daniel Mullins, the man behind Pony Island, and his studio, with publishing handled by Devolver Digital. The game is available on the PC using Steam. It delivers a weird and very interesting mix of ideas while working mostly within the confines of the card game and rogue mix.

The story is built around a room, which houses a mysterious game master and a table that houses a weird … (read more)
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