Google Abandons Internet Explorer Too

Google Abandons Internet Explorer Too

Microsoft itself is preparing for a world without Internet Explorer, so it makes sense for other companies to do the same. Including Google, that is, as the Mountain View-based tech giant has recently decided to start serving IE11 customers with an outdated version of its search results page.

In other words, Google no longer supports Internet Explorer, and while Microsoft’s browser can still connect to the search engine and even allow users to search for content, the experience overall doesn’t include as many features as in a modern browser.

So in theory, Google too encourages users to give up on Internet Explorer, and this is something that makes perfect sense anyway.

Microsoft’s bet on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft itself is encouraging users to abandoned Internet Explorer, though in the case of the software giant, the recommended choice is Microsoft Edge.

Based on Chromium, just like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is a modern browser offered as the… (read more)
Source: Softpedia News

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