GitHub CEO Nat Friedman Steps Down

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman Steps Down

Nat Friedman, the CEO of Microsoft-owned GitHub, has decided to step down as CEO of the company, with the new position to be filled by Thomas Dohmke.

The announcement comes as a little bit of a surprise, especially as Friedman served as CEO of GitHub for only three years. He was the first CEO of the company under Microsoft’s umbrella, after previously joining the software giant following the acquisition of Xamarin.

However, Friedman says he’ll step down on November 15 and just focus on startup projects.

“What drives me is enabling builders to create the future. I’ve loved working with and learning from developers who are building new tools and new projects, solving thorny problems, and creating magic out of code. That’s why I’m moving on to my next adventure: to support, advise, and invest in the founders and developers who are creating the future with technology and tackling some of the biggest opportunities of our day,” he <a href="… (read more)
Source: Softpedia News

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