Giants Uprising Preview (PC)

Giants Uprising Preview (PC)

How many tiny humans, armed with late medieval weapons, does it take to take down a giant? I stomped a few hundred, both archers and foot soldiers, and I thought I had the situation well in hand. But the cannons, some of them set atop hard-to-reach rock formations, were what finally led to my demise. Too busy running down humans I couldn’t destroy their towers and failed to reach a big piece of meat that could restore my health.

Giants Uprising is both created and published by VARSAV Games Studios. You can get it in Early Access on Steam at the moment, with the full launch set to arrive in around 6 to 12 months, depending on how the player feedback influences the creative process.

The name describes the premise very well. The player-controlled giant, with a human on his back, is battling the humans who enslaved him. There are interesting hints of a wider world and narrative, well-executed via… (read more)
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