FIFA 22 Review (PS5)

FIFA 22 Review (PS5)

2020 ended up becoming one of the most horrible years in many decades, and after giving us no other option than to stay away from each other for obvious reasons, it also forced authorities across the world to cancel some of the most highly anticipated events.

Including the UEFA Euro 2020, that is, as the football (or soccer, as Americans call it) tournament ended up being pushed back for one year simply because it was too risky to bring all the players together at a time when the world had to embrace the concept of social distancing.

While from a health perspective 2021 isn’t much different, when it comes to sports in general and football in particular, this year brought quite a lot of good news. In addition to the 2020 summer Olympics, which also took place this year, Euro 2020 finally happened in the summer, with Italy once again winning the tournament after beating England 3-2 in a penalty shootout.

And there’s more good news for football fans. FIFA, the most p… (read more)
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