Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Review (PC)

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Review (PC)

I sprint a little to get to some objects I need to complete one puzzle on the road to an important object. I should use the flashlight to make sure that I know the path but there are clear limits to where my unnamed character can go. I pick up the objects, sprint a little more. After 5 minutes of light puzzle-solving, I can move forward. More walking, this time with quite a bit of exposition delivered via voice track. Then another puzzle to work on. Doctor Who is a long-running series and has plenty of interesting backstory to draw fans in. But games based on it have long failed to connect mechanics with the universe in cool ways.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality was put together by Maze Theory Ltd. And Just Add Water Developments, with publishing handled by Maze Theory Ltd. Another Indie, and Neon Doctrine. I went through it on the PC using Steam, but gamers can also pick it up on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. The experience is based on t… (read more)
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