Deepest Chamber Preview (PC)

Deepest Chamber Preview (PC)

All my block cards simply refuse to show up. My character throws a fireball, puts up metal scales for protection (which also have the side-effect of healing me), and then throws in a classic sword strike. Three enemies are facing me and all of them physically strike me, causing some solid damage. Finally, I get two blocks, which I promptly use, and set up a living blade to hopefully take down one of the opponents. I will not probably make it out of here alive but there’s always another run to look forward to.

Deepest Chamber is in development at Balcony Softworks while publishing duties are handled by Those Awesome Guys. The title is available in Early Access on Steam and the plan is to continue working on it for at least 12 months.

The core idea is very simple: explore a city that moved underground, battling creatures and twisted humans, all using cards. The mechanics are easy to pick up and the way most cards work will be familiar to fans of the concept. The card… (read more)
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