Deathloop Review (PS5)

Deathloop Review (PS5)

Arkane Studios had a couple of hits during their existence from the almost completely forgotten Dark Messiah of Might and Magic to the more recent Prey or Dishonored. Those familiar with the work of the studio will agree that their artistic style is as remarkable as their knack for level design. Both of these signature features have been employed to turn the PS5 exclusive Deathloop into a success story.

Especially Dishonored is a franchise that is close to my heart, and although the premise of Deathloop is not exactly something that tickles my fancy, I was curious about the game since its announcement. I wanted to see if Arkane manages to keep their ingenious level design and how much of an atmosphere they manage to conjure in a game that focuses on the bad day of a random hero.

Colt is the first hero of the story, and he does not have a bad day, he seems doomed to relive the worst day of his life again and again and again. Unless he manages to break the loop and e… (read more)
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