Chasing Static Review (PC)

Chasing Static Review (PC)

A directional microphone and a Geiger counter-looking contraption allow me to spy on figures from the past. They’re not quite memories and they are not actually ghosts. Sometimes they have information about the weird world my character has to navigate. And I am genuinely curious about the echoes, the containment, the missing people. It’s just that I have to run over a bunch of stairs yet again to get to a place that might contain the item I need to make some progress. Chasing Static has an interesting mystery at its core but makes the player work quite a bit to uncover it.

The title was created by Headware Games and published by Ratalaika Games. I played the title on Steam on the PC, but you can also pick a copy on the Nintendo Switch, as well as on both current and older generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This is a mystery-driven experience that wants to impress with its story and scares.

Chris is the protagonist, a seemingly normal guy who gets lost whi… (read more)
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