Button City Review (PC)

Button City Review (PC)

My Gobabots team is doing great even without my assistance. I have been trying to only kill opposition players and we are only 3 pieces of fruit down. I abandon my murderous efforts to help out, so we gain the lead with 15 seconds on the clock. We win the game and I’m already thinking how my crew is planning on trolling the other team, supposedly the best in the tournament.

Button City is both developed and published by Subliminal. Play it on the PC using Steam but also on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series consoles, as well as older platforms from both Sony and Microsoft. The experience wants to tell a small but emotional story while re-imagining some game genres.

Fennel the Fox is the core character, a cute little creature that sees the local arcade as the best way to be part of a community. Unfortunately, the owner is ready to sell the business to the clearly marked as evil capitalist Peppermint Pepperbottom. This launches a classic “kids tr… (read more)
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