Bonfire Peaks Review (PC)

Bonfire Peaks Review (PC)

One step backward, pivot, pivot again, stop to think a little. My character is holding on to an asymmetric stack of crates (one is not like the others) that defies gravity. While he stands still, I am thinking about how to move it into position so I can take one element and then make it into a step to finally reach a fire. Once I am there, I will turn some objects linked to my past into smoke and heat. I am not entirely sure why.

Bonfire Peaks was created by Corey Martin and is published by Draknek & Friends, on the PC using Steam, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5 and 4. The title is built around puzzle mechanics and a story that touches on the meaning of loss and survival.

The unnamed protagonist is very determined to carry a crate of his things into a fire. It’s hard to know exactly what he’s carrying, or why the bonfires are all strewn across a mountain. Some hints about his past emerge as the peak approaches. Everything is clearly a metaphor for loss and … (read more)
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