Apple Pulls the Latest iTunes Version from the Microsoft Store Due to Crash

The Microsoft Store version of iTunes has recently been updated to version, but as many users ended up finding out on their own, this new release comes with a major bug that makes it impossible to run the app.

Every time the app is launched after the update, it fails with an error reading “iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.”

Reinstalling iTunes from the Microsoft Store obviously doesn’t make any difference.

While it’s not clear what’s causing the bug, worth emphasizing is the whole thing only impacts the Microsoft Store version of the app and not the dedicated Win32 installer also available from Apple’s site.

“Same issue here, found many other non-apple forums with same problem and other than the usual repair/remove and reinstall no one has a solution that has worked. I am going to restore my win10 system and see if that works… here’s hoping,” someone says on Apple’s <a href="https://discussions.ap… (read more)
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Microsoft Fixes Several BSODs, Start Menu Issues in Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new preview build of Windows 11, and just as expected, the focus has been entirely on addressing performance issues and resolving the remaining bugs ahead of the production launch scheduled to take place on October 5.

As a result, the latest preview build comes with fixes for several important Blue Screen of Death errors on Windows 11, while also resolving some Start menu issues in the operating system.

For example, if your computer previously encountered a fatal crash when resuming from hibernation, this BSOD should no longer occur after installing the new preview build, Microsoft says. At the same time, the company explains it was aware of a glitch causing computers to hit a BSOD when trying to install a new Windows 11 build, and after the latest update, this error should no longer be there.

If you were running Windows 11 preview builds on a Surface Pro X, there’s a chance you also encountered a BSOD, but Microsoft promises the error is … (read more)
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Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Build 22463

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview build to users in the Dev channel, as the production launch of the operating system is just around the corner.

Just as expected, Windows 11 build 22463 is all about fixing bugs and improving the overall performance of the OS, as Microsoft is no longer introducing new features ahead of the public launch.

Nevertheless, this new build does introduce a series of subtle changes, including rounded corners for the popup showing up when clicking “identify displays” in Display Settings and small adjustments for the contrast theme.

“[We] added an icon next to the volume slider in Quick Settings to help make the option for managing audio endpoints more discoverable. Updated the Windows Ease of Access folder in Start’s All apps list to now simply be called Accessibility. Added an option to Focus Assist settings so you can choose whether or not you would like Focus Assist to be automatically enabled for the first hour after a Win… (read more)
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Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 Doesn’t Come with a Charger in the Box Either

Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Duo 2, and obviously, the new model comes with lots of improvements, including upgraded cameras, a new processor, and so much more.

But in addition, the Duo also embraces a change that some users might not actually like.

Last year, Apple started a trend that many criticized at first but which everybody eventually started using as well. The Cupertino-based tech giant gave up on the charger, removing this accessory from the box of new iPhones.

As a result, everybody buying a new iPhone today is no longer getting a charger, but only a typical cable, pretty much because Apple says that anyone getting its smartphone should already have such an accessory around the house.

Those who don’t, well… they have to buy a charger separately from Apple, and this obviously means some extra bucks or the Cupertino company.

No Surface Duo charger

The Surface Duo 2 seems to be following the same recipe, as Microsoft is… (read more)
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Surface Go 3 Launches with an Intel i3 Processor

Microsoft’s Surface lineup is all about high-end devices, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they all have to be super-expensive.

And the Surface Go has always been the living proof in this regard, as this smaller computer sports the high-quality build of the Surface brand but all in a cheaper form factor, therefore becoming just the perfect choice for students and teachers.

And today, the Surface Go 3 is official with a new processor that brings more extra power, as the device now comes with an Intel i3 chip.

Microsoft says this makes the Surface Go some 60 percent faster, and this is obviously good news, especially in the case of users who don’t want to stick with the S mode but want the full Windows experience.

Microsoft explains the Surface Go 3 is fully prepared for Windows 11, so it will come with the new operating system pre-loaded.

Wi-Fi version already up for pre-order

“The most portable Surface 2-in-1 is perfect for your everyday tasks… (read more)
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Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Is Ready for Windows 11

Microsoft has officially unveiled a small refresh of the Surface Pro X, getting the device ready for Windows 11, the new operating system projected to launch next month.

There are two big changes on the upgraded Surface Pro X.

First and foremost, it’s fully optimized and comes with 64-bit emulation, therefore making it easier to run your favorite apps on the device. This is good news especially because it helps deal with the lack of apps that would otherwise impact an ARM device.

And second of all, the Surface Pro X now comes with a Wi-Fi only version that Microsoft offers without LTE and which is available at a lower price point, therefore making the device overall more affordable, with Microsoft hoping it could be able to target a wider audience.

Windows 11 pre-installed

“A year ago, we announced the thin, light, and LTE-connected Surface Pro X, running on our Microsoft SQ2 ARM silicon. This product merged the versatility features of Surface P… (read more)
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Microsoft Unveils the Surprising Surface Laptop Studio with Mind-blowing Design

One of the devices announced today by Microsoft at its September 22 hardware event is the new Surface Laptop Studio, a device which, as you can guess from its name, combines the Surface Laptop with the Surface Studio to offer a form factor that will completely blow your mind.

The Surface Laptop Studio therefore gives up on the traditional laptop design, so it now comes with a display that swivels in front to let you take full advantage of the touch input.

Needless to say, the device allows for multiple form factors, including a full flat screen orientation to make things like writing and drawing with a pen feel more natural.

The device sports a 14.4-inch PixelSense display with a 120Hz refresh rate and uses a so-called Dynamic Woven Hinge to switch from one form factor to another. There’s a glass trackpad with haptic feedback, as well as support for magnetically attaching the Slim Pen 2, which now comes with wireless charging too.

Pricey device

… (read more)
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The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Is Here with Smaller Bezels and a 120Hz Display

Microsoft has just taken the wraps off the all-new Surface Pro 8, and this time, the company has included some pretty significant upgrades that everybody is going to love.

The first and the most noticeable change is the larger screen estate, as the Surface Pro 8 is the first of Microsoft’s Surface devices to embrace a modern design language that includes smaller bezels.

So yes, Microsoft has managed to significantly improve the screen estate on the Surface Pro 8, but the display is actually impressive in several other regards.

Going on sale today

For example, it supports 120Hz refresh rates, and Microsoft has also added a technology called Adaptive Color Technology to the 13-inch screen to adjust the color temperature automatically. Of course, touch input is still supported, and the new Microsoft Slim Pen 2 and the Surface Pro 8 are a match made in heaven.

“Surface Pro 8 features a vibrant 13” PixelSense touchscreen that is virtually edge to edg… (read more)
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Deepest Chamber Preview (PC)

All my block cards simply refuse to show up. My character throws a fireball, puts up metal scales for protection (which also have the side-effect of healing me), and then throws in a classic sword strike. Three enemies are facing me and all of them physically strike me, causing some solid damage. Finally, I get two blocks, which I promptly use, and set up a living blade to hopefully take down one of the opponents. I will not probably make it out of here alive but there’s always another run to look forward to.

Deepest Chamber is in development at Balcony Softworks while publishing duties are handled by Those Awesome Guys. The title is available in Early Access on Steam and the plan is to continue working on it for at least 12 months.

The core idea is very simple: explore a city that moved underground, battling creatures and twisted humans, all using cards. The mechanics are easy to pick up and the way most cards work will be familiar to fans of the concept. The card… (read more)
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Apple Claims Face ID Is Harder to Crack on iOS 15

Apple’s new iOS 15 is now available for download, and in addition to all the new features that we’ve seen being discussed pretty much all over the web, the new operating system also comes with a series of security improvements hiding under the hood.

And one of the most important highlights is aimed at Face ID, as Apple explains that iOS 15 resolves a vulnerability affecting all models coming with the facial recognition system and allowing malicious actors to break into an iPhone using a 3D model.

In other words, if an iPhone comes with Face ID protection into place, then someone could use a 3D model specifically to get past the security checks, therefore making the facial recognition system believe it’s the owner trying to unlock the device.

Apple explains the flaw was discovered by Wish Wu of Ant-financial Light-Year Security Lab, and the way it was resolved is by improving Face ID’s anti-spoofing models.

<s… (read more)
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