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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review (PS5)

The newest Sherlock Holmes games is not a simple prequel, but a breath of fresh air that the series needed so badly. Although risky, going back to the first cases of the most brilliant detective in the world, long before Baker Street and Doctor Watson, is exactly what makes relevant this 20-year-old franchise.

Along the years the developers from Frogwares released no less than eight games, with various success. Chapter One is an origin story that cuts all the safety nets and presents, a younger, more dynamic and much edgier Sherlock, that is refreshing amidst all the stroll through the Victorian age. The biggest gamble is the gameplay though, Chapter One being an open world that lets go of the players hand and encourages free exploration.

The stories of the Sherlock Holmes developed by Frogware have always been independent from the legendary work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This time the leap is even bigger compared to the source material, since we have to deal... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive Review (PC)

Running a massive military operation is incredibly hard, even in the video game space. Can a commander simply push forward, relying on the force of his regiments and his artillery support to deal with strong points? Is careful recon doubled by airstrikes and maneuver the best way to reach an objective? Should I spend precious PP to boost an armored spearhead or is it better to get some extra troops and supplies?

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive was developed by VR Designs and published by Slitherine. The game is available on the PC and offers a combination of classic and modern wargame mechanics with some impressive historical elements.

The action is set, as the game’s title explains, on the Western Front during the last major German offensive operation. This was an attempt to break through American lines to threaten the coast at Antwerp and split the Allied lines. The series has previously focused on bigger operations, but the new smaller scale adds to the m... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

The Legend of Tianding Review (PC)

The most important moment of any fight is the one when the hero decides which weapon to steal and use. A slow and heavy ax or a pistol? Should I try to get the shield or is it alright to settle for the first baton that the sash throws into my hands? Once I have a weapon it gets easier to deal with groups of opponents and to isolate the more powerful ones. And it’s actually funny to see the Japanese killed by their own katanas or struck by their rockets.

The Legend of Tianding was put together by Creative Games & Computer Graphics Corporation and published by Neon Doctrine. I played it on the PC using Steam and it is also available on the Nintendo Switch. It mixes side scrolling action with a unique historical setting.

The story is focused on Liao Tianding, a Robin Hood-like character from the history of Taiwan. He was an outlaw, active when the island was under the occupation of the Japanese and gained renown for taking on the police forces of the occupiers and for... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Call of Duty: Vanguard Review (PS5)

World War II is perhaps the most successful setting even for shooters even after the countless games that turned the bloodiest human conflict inside and out. Is there something new to talk about it? Probably, but it’s much easier to just remix the fan-favorite and throw them on the automated factory assembly line that Call of Duty had become. Read on only if you want to find out why Vanguard is maybe the weakest iteration of the entire franchise.

The yearly CoD games split the audiences in two: those who praise it for its multiplayer or zombie modes, and those who have the courage to point out that the king is actually naked. But this year, with Vanguard, the comparison with The Emperor’s New Clothes is more actual than ever, Call of Duty failing on every front. The success of Warzone encouraged Activision to focus solely on milking that gimmick, and this year the cracks of the franchise are undeniable.

For a while now the single player part of the CoD games is... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Football Manager 2022 Review (PC)

Fans can make Liverpool into a consecutive three-time winner of the Premier League, with a Championship League trophy as a bonus. A determined and detail-oriented player can take Fulham to the top in three years. A challenge asks gamers to win the biggest leagues in football and all the continental competitions in five years. All of this is achievable in the excellent Football Manager 2022, as long as players invest enough of their time and attention.

The game was developed by Sports Interactive, with SEGA handling the publishing duties. I played the game on the PC using Steam, this being the most complex version of the experience. On the Nintendo Switch, as well as on Xbox consoles and Game Pass, players can get a more streamlined management sim. FM 2022 also has a mobile version, with less featured detail, offered on both Android and iPhone.

The idea behind the game has been the same since it was named Championship Manager: pick up your favorite team (or choose o... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Giants Uprising Preview (PC)

How many tiny humans, armed with late medieval weapons, does it take to take down a giant? I stomped a few hundred, both archers and foot soldiers, and I thought I had the situation well in hand. But the cannons, some of them set atop hard-to-reach rock formations, were what finally led to my demise. Too busy running down humans I couldn’t destroy their towers and failed to reach a big piece of meat that could restore my health.

Giants Uprising is both created and published by VARSAV Games Studios. You can get it in Early Access on Steam at the moment, with the full launch set to arrive in around 6 to 12 months, depending on how the player feedback influences the creative process.

The name describes the premise very well. The player-controlled giant, with a human on his back, is battling the humans who enslaved him. There are interesting hints of a wider world and narrative, well-executed via... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Airborne Kingdom Review (PS4)

The first game signed by The Wandering Band proves to be a relaxing and endearing experience thanks to its concept and art style. The unusual city builder literally takes you to the clouds in order to build a flying marvel and discover the secret behind an ancient prophecy. But can it soar on consoles after conquering the PC kingdom or will it crash land in the desert of forgotten memories?

The first thing that makes Airborne Kingdom stand out is the exotic art style that not only makes you feel like the architect of a story straight from the Arabian Nights, but makes you feel excited about the wonders hidden in the world. Building a floating kingdom that brings harmony and prosperity may sound like a tall order but keeping the citizens happy is the real trial.

Airborne Kingdom can be best described as a city builder with a twist, that requires a careful management of the resources scattered around the land. Since you cannot land, you will have to move around to... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Chasing Static Review (PC)

A directional microphone and a Geiger counter-looking contraption allow me to spy on figures from the past. They’re not quite memories and they are not actually ghosts. Sometimes they have information about the weird world my character has to navigate. And I am genuinely curious about the echoes, the containment, the missing people. It’s just that I have to run over a bunch of stairs yet again to get to a place that might contain the item I need to make some progress. Chasing Static has an interesting mystery at its core but makes the player work quite a bit to uncover it.

The title was created by Headware Games and published by Ratalaika Games. I played the title on Steam on the PC, but you can also pick a copy on the Nintendo Switch, as well as on both current and older generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This is a mystery-driven experience that wants to impress with its story and scares.

Chris is the protagonist, a seemingly normal guy who gets lost whi... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

The Medium Review (PS5)

Lately there is no lack of horror titles, since this genre seems have become a favourite among publishers. From action to adventure to survival, the scary experiences come in every flavour and size and gamers can’t seem to have enough of them. The polish developers from Bloober Team have a proven track record, but The Medium is their most ambitious project so far. Can it leave up to the legacy of Layers of Fear?

The history of one of the most iconic horror games of the last years was a rocky one, but it set the bar so high the Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch had a hard time to stand up to it. The Medium set out to become a new staple of the genre, a very tall order looking at what this year has already brought us. It is not a flawless experience, but as you might have already heard (or read) it is still one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

We can say from the get-go The Medium is a good horror game. It is a thrilling experience that starts of s... (read more) Source: Softpedia News

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gets Delayed

It is clearly the season of delays and while we do think that the health crisis and its impact on various industries, and people in general, does warrant such announcements, we can’t help but wonder why these things aren’t taking into consideration before revealing a release date.

We’re almost two years into a global pandemic and many game developers have already find the right workflow to cope with what’s happening, but it looks like many of them continue to put out unrealistic release date for their games.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the most recent game that’s been delayed this year. Developed by Firaxis, the team behind XCOM, the game was announced back in August with the promise of a March 2022 launch.

Unfortunately, Firaxis announced this week they have decided to postpone the game until the second half of 2022. We all know the reasons, but here is the official statement:

We decide... (read more) Source: Softpedia News