Astria Ascending Review (PS5)

Astria Ascending Review (PS5)

Astria Ascending is one of those special projects, that you have to be in the loop, to even know about its existence. If you are a hardcore JRPG fan you have been looking forward to it, since you first heard about it the first time. You didn’t need to know any more details than the fact that it is developed by people who also worked on Final Fantasy, aiming to bring back the classical experience. You will not be discouraged by the fact that it failed as a mobile title, but the time of waking up has come.

Astria Ascending is finally here, taking the shape of a fully-fledged PC and console game, enriching the indie game scene. Although looking gorgeous and emanating high production value, the game was not released by some big publisher. It is actually the love child of Kazushige Nojima, best known for his work on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises.

As such we expected a rich story and an even more vibrant world, with memorable and perhaps even bizarre in… (read more)
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