Android App Store Shows Up on Windows 11

Android App Store Shows Up on Windows 11

One of the biggest features coming to users with the release of Windows 11 is support for Android apps, and while it looks like this one will be missing when Microsoft rolls out the new operating system, the moment when the company starts the public testing may not be too far.

Android apps on Windows 11 wouldn’t be available directly from the Microsoft Store, but through the Amazon AppStore and then listed in the Microsoft Store. In other words, when you want to download an Android app from the Microsoft Store, you’re redirected to Amazon’s app store to complete the process.

The Amazon Appstore has recently been spotted online as an app for Windows 11, suggesting that Microsoft is very close to beginning the public testing of Android app support on the new OS.

For the time being, however, the app still can’t be downloaded, but most likely, the download links would go live rather sooner than later.

Insiders to try out the new feature first

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