Age of Darkness: Final Stand Preview (PC)

Age of Darkness: Final Stand Preview (PC)

The problem with human soldiers is that they don’t move fast enough. This means I need quite a lot of sentinels and arbalests to cover all exposed buildings. The night terrors chew the wood up pretty quickly and I’d rather pay to have more units than for repairs. But a lot of soldiers means I have fewer resources to upgrade and that I rarely have extra villagers when I need them.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is being worked on by PlaySide, with Team17 handling the publishing side. The game is in Early Access on Steam, with the two companies currently saying that they are planning to deliver a 1.0 version in late 2022.

The core idea is simple: build a city and train units to withstand attacks from undead nightmares. Players start off with huts and simple walls, one hero, and a handful of soldiers. Use the day to clear enemies from the vicinity and to expand for resources. Keep everyone together during the nights, when the undead become more aggressive. Sneak an upgr… (read more)
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