7 Tips to Local SEO for Real Estate

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7 Tips to Local SEO for Real Estate

Search Engine Optimization includes the work you need to do to be discovered by your target audience online.

Following are some expert tips and tricks that’ll help improve your standings in a search.

How to Become a Master in Local SEO

1)  Finding the right Keywords
The right keywords will insure that your content marketing efforts aren’t wasted attracting the wrong customer, or worse, no customer at all.

Remember, including your location in your keywords is a great way to make sure you reach customers specifically interested in the market you serve.

2)  Use attractive headlines
Nothing is shoddier than unimaginative reproduction. No one wants to click on the email with a boring title or read a book, whose cover doesn’t catch the eye.

The reason conversion rates are cutting down is because you don’t put much thought in your titles thereby inviting less visitors to your website. Make it a point to create appealing titles.

3)  Create amazing content
Create engaging content that educates and informs consumers through the entire customer life cycle. Also keep an eye on your competitors’ space as it may be a source of inspiration.

Your ideal content should include timing, collaboration, design, and built in social sharing options.

4)  Optimize all SEO details (aka on-site SEO)
Make sure your business NAP (name, address, and phone number) is used regularly in your website and that it’s the same as you used for your local listing and citations. Use your state, city, and town names in your title tags, meta descriptions, and in the content that you create for your site.

Specifically for real estate, make sure all of your listings are catalogued and have an XML sitemap. Without it, you can’t take advantage of the incredible SEO value of real estate listings.

5)  Recognize the importance of localizing your SEO
By localizing your listing there is a chance of improving your website’s ranking as this local listing is what generally shows up in localized search results.

This will further help during citations, however make sure that this citation information (NAP) is in the same format as your local listing.

 6)  Make your website Mobile Friendly
Most of your consumers are doing their search on mobile devices and if your website can’t be viewed on a mobile device, you are likely to send these clients away.

Making your website mobile friendly should be easier now as the cost has dropped 1000-fold and the expertise available is in abundance.

7)  Be as distinctive as possible
No matter what tactic you adopt, if you don’t connect with your audience, there will be no transaction. You need to be different.

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