Custom Database Development

Delivering Superior Database Services and Solutions

Our expert team is experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining high-performing, robust custom databases for a wide variety of applications and clients. From developing simple database storage to the largest and most complex databases, our team has experience meeting the unique database needs and requirements of your organization.

Custom Database Development Services

Database Assessment and Planning

Our consultants conduct detailed assessments of clients’ existing database structure, business processes, and IT environment to recommend and plan an appropriate database structure and solution that serves your goals. Conducting interviews with end-users, IT personnel, and other key stakeholders, our consultants develop and document comprehensive strategies, driven by best practices, to meet your database needs.

Database Design

We design high performance custom databases, tailored to your specific requirements, to complement the daily operations of your organization. Our database designers utilize the latest technologies and best practices and focus on speed, data integrity, and scalability, to ensure that databases are highly functional and scalable for your organizations’ future needs. We uncover and study real users’ methods of completing tasks, study their specific needs, and then design clean, seamless databases that optimize ease of data storage, retrieval, and manipulation.

Data Migration

Our database migration team has extensive experience migrating data across platforms, from Access to mySQL, to SQL server. Reviewing and analyzing your existing data and data migration needs, we work to develop and implement a sound strategy, driven by best practices, to efficiently and effectively migrate your data. Data integrity and data consistency are top priorities for our data migration professionals,who work to ensure your existing data is successfully migrated to new schemas.

Database Maintenance and Support

Our database maintenance services, including regular updates, monitoring, and optimization, are designed to help you maintain the health of your database systems. Our expert database professionals can monitor and maintain your databases to maintain data integrity and consistency. We can also repair and proactively prevent issues, while ensuring that your database continues to perform at the highest level.

Custom Database Development Experience

Our team of experienced consultants, designers, developers, testers, and project managers are committed to using best in industry processes and technology frameworks to transform our clients’ unique visions into
robust database solutions. Completely technology agnostic, we work with a variety of cutting-edge technologies and have expertise in developing complex database applications on:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL

Our experience developing custom database-driven applications spans a wide range of technologies,clients, business functions,industries. We utilize our deep technical and management expertise to not only develop effective databases for clients,but more importantly, we work collaboratively with clients to develop and implement strategies that directly support and advance their organizations’ vision and objectives.

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